Day number 14 in numerology

Otherwise, those lucky numbers themselves will prove unlucky to those individuals. For example. The number 3 people should not use the numbers 24, 33, 42, 51 and 6 related numbers in their life, which will result in loss and defamation. In astrology, Lord Moon is said to be the benefactor for everyone, maintaining a friendly relationship with all the other planets and their Rashi, except Virgo. That is why Vedic astrology is based on the moon sign, rather than the sun sign. Similarly, in numerology, the number 5 holds the special place like Lord Moon in astrology.

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Because of its unique position in the number chart, this number is in friendly terms with all the numbers. Even when others despair when great troubles befell them, the number 5s will face all their problems with a smile. As Lord Mercury is the ruler of this number, their intelligence will be astounding. Their minds will always be inspired, sparkling with new ideas every minute. Their ideas will be innovative, as they arise directly from the cubicle of the Universe.

Lord Maha Vishnu is the head of the heavenly Devas. He is the supreme intelligent Being Take Lord Krishna, His avatar, whose crafty ideas help the Pandavas win a losing battle. Lord Vishnu bestows his supreme gaze fully on this number.

Like Lord Vishnu, the number 5 people will be the savior of other people in trouble. Like Lord Vishnu, the number 5s have a unique charm that surpasses those of any other number including number 6. A small magnet can attract any sizeable piece of iron.

Birthday Number Meaning

Similarly, the number 5s can easily attract anyone with their charisma. Their appeal and allure cannot be matched by anyone. They will exhibit their special qualities even as they meet someone new. Their magnetism allows them to keep long-lasting friendships, long distance relationships without losing steam. Wherever they are, whether they are in restaurants, trains, planes they have this ability to make friends with anyone.

They love to dress well, wear good clothes, perfumes and stand out with their looks and personality.

Numerology Number 14

They want to rocket their ship to the top with their sweats and smarts. Speed is their mantra; they eat in a hurry, talk fast, walk faster and expect others to keep up with them. While others struggle to keep notes on the monetary dealings, they will reel out the figures right from their memory. They always have the support of the big wigs.

They excel at analyzing the works of others and forming well-respected critiques and analyses that stand the test of time, rather than indulging in research themselves. They are the masters of multi-tasking. The world famous dramatist Shakespeare and Mesmer, the founder of hypnotism were born on the 5 th only.

Change and Transformation

The number 5 is the favorite of everyone. This is because of its central presence amidst the numbers. They can attract anyone with their charm and magnetic presence. They are also well-adjusted and get along well with all the numbers. Hence they can make friends with everyone. They are confident and face dangers with a smile. Their thirst for knowledge is formidable and they love to incorporate their newly acquired ideas in their work.

They know how any organization works and plan their work accordingly. Their speed is formidable and they wish to acquire wealth and fame by fast tracking. They are successful in their ventures. Even if they fail, they do not lose heart and start working faster than before. Their interest in physical work is less; rather they would love to work their brains.

They use their smartness to make others work fast, according to their wishes. Since their minds keep whirring, they are prone to nervous breakdowns. They also get easily irritated and angry. Like Lord Vishnu, they are intelligent and multi-talented. They do not mind getting their hands dirty to earn money. But, they will escape from the clutches of law with their clever tactics.

They fall for flattery. Others can manipulate them by praising them to heaven. They can find the solution to any problem. Their mind naturally gravitates to the professions of doctor, business and material agents for earning large amounts of money. They love to travel, especially abroad.

They are quick to make decisions. They also get angry when others cannot follow their thought processes. They have the luck to earn through gambling, races and brokering. They have the wits and guts to take up any dangerous situation and turn it around in a profitable way. If the strength of the number is low, they will cheat, threaten; give false witness, forgery, and other nefarious crimes.

They have blind confidence and faith in themselves. They wish to break boundaries and make a name for themselves. Instead of listening to others, they should listen to their inner voice. Otherwise, they will fail in their ventures. By incorporating those ideas they can achieve success. They should avoid jumping from one ship to another for the love of money. They should take up a field based on their interests and talent. Then they should come up with new concepts and designs to expand their career. They should look before they leap.

The persons born on this day are blessed with the full gaze of Planet Mercury. They will lead a spiritual life. They will have great talents, intelligence, and an attractive personality. They will start their life with lofty ideals and dreams. They are guileless and never cheat on anyone. The people born on the 14 th will be usually very lucky.

They are born with the adventure and travel spirit. They will be famous business people. But they will be in frequent accidents; their lives will have many ups and downs. If they are not careful in romantic matters, their life will suffer later on.


This number attracts everyone. Hence the number 14s are very popular in politics, with a crowd around them always. The people born on the day 23 are very fortunate indeed. They are blessed with the gaze of Guru Chandra yoga. They will have the support of the government in all matters. They will receive honorary and top positions in the society.